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The cost of Developing a Tennis Professional

After spending the past six months investigating and researching the costs associated with the development of a Tennis Player into a Professional are staggering ! The normal process would be a child gets the feel of wanting to play tennis by watching or school tennis or parents that are involved with the game . The Youngster starts at 7 or 8 or even later and learns the basics at the local club or courts . Someone who knows a bit about tennis gets a glimps of the emerging talent .

Based on this recommendation the parents get excited and start to encourage the Youngster and the game starts to become serious . Coaching both private and group lession are arrange ,the youngster gets better quickly and is soon having to enter junior tournaments This is just the beginning !

Very seldomly you come across a SUPER STAR and a different path is taken as in the case of STEFFI GRAF who I had the pleasure and privilage of working with.In my next few Blogs I will eloborate on the process and the costs involved

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